World Conquest #48
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Fishermans Row
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Farranac Coast
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Linn of Mercy
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Loch Mór
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Callahans Passage
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Umbral Wildwood
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Viper Pit
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Marban Hollow
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Drowned Vale
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Weathered Expanse
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Endless Shore
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  • Westgate - Longstone Town Hall T3 was Upgraded to Civic by Colonials - Day 53, 1580155081
  • Westgate - Zeus' Demise Observation Tower was Taken by Colonials - Day 2, 1579973701
  • Westgate - The Knight's Edge Observation Tower was Taken by Colonials - Day 2, 1579970821
  • Westgate - Handsome Hideaway Observation Tower was Taken by Colonials - Day 1, 1579968781
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